Ocean Diamond has been supplying quality diamond tools for stone fabrication and concrete floor preparation industries in USA and
Canada since 1999. We have won the trust and loyalty of our customers worldwide with our high quality products and incomparable
customer service.

We Research
At Ocean Diamond, we understand that technology never stops going forward, so neither do we. With our passion, experience and
devoted people, Ocean Diamond is committed to continuously developing new and better products each year. Our active investment
into research and development will be a key factor for our future success.

We Manufacture
With our long-time cooperations with the manufactures worldwide, we have substantial control over the quality, the production cost,  
and the lead time. Our customers are more comfortable and competitive because they can rely on us for high quality tools with
well-controlled cost and on-time delivery.

Together, We Make It Happen
At Ocean Diamond, we believe that our customers deserve high quality products, reasonable pricing, and excellent service. This is
always a challenging task, but we are committed to making it happen. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

The Ocean Diamond Team
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